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Shandro Construction is built on a foundation of core values that include safety, quality, and production. Our safety program has been developed over several years with one goal in mind: to provide a safe working environment for everyone involved on YOUR construction project. It is our priority to return all our people safely to their families day after day.
Our Safety team has the experience necessary, and is committed to supporting our field personel by consistently implementing a strong safety program. Through an intensive orientation and training process, our people learn the importance of safety and how seriously we take it from day one. We embrace strong practices and safety, and our goals are achievable  because we have people who are capable of  doing them very well. 
We have exceeded the requirements of the Alberta Construction Safety Association's Certificate of Recognition (COR). This program is designed to award employers who develop health and safety programs that meet or exceed industry  standards. Our program reflects the highest safety standards in construction - on each  project.
Safety is everyone's responsibility! Winning at safety is like winning in sports. It takes a full team effort and determination to work towards a common goal. At Shandro we strive to keep workers safe. We all have a role to play in preventing work place injuries. It is mandatory that all people do their part through education and safety awareness.
Our track record in safety  is established by the many successful projects that we have completed on time, and without incident. Our safety values are built on the individual contribution of all employees at every level. We believe that everyone has the right to work in a safe environment and to feel confident in his or her position. A safe and healthy environment is essential to the success of this company and to the success of your project.

Today at Shandro, safety is a way of life. The importance of protecting ourselves and co-workers cannot be stressed enough. Consistent implementation of our safety program guards what is dear to all of us: LIFE...     


Our company policy can be summed up in one sentence. Shandro Construction expects nothing less than 100% Health, Safety and Environmental performance from all divisions and individuals across the organization.

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